SiOnyx Aurora Black Colour Night Vision Monocular

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The Sionyx Aurora Black is the perfect opportunity to experience colour night vision at near moonless conditions for a low-cost. With its weapons-certified rugged design, included waterproof hardshell case and a waterproof / dustproof rating of IP67, the Sionyx Aurora Black is the essential night vision accessory.

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    The Sionyx Aurora Black: tactical, weapons-certified, rugged night-vision at a low cost.

    Capture your surroundings in extreme low-light, under moonlight, starlight or even bright sunlight with this innovative night vision camera.

    Featuring an all-glass lens, you'll have the option of either viewing your subjects in colour or monochrome using the high-quality OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF), or livestreaming your findings using the Aurora app on your iOS / Android smartphone.

    The Sionyx Aurora Black is capable of capturing stills at 0.9 MP and video recordings at 720p, with frame rates selectable at 8, 15, 24, 30 and 60 frames per second. A diopter on the EVF ensures sharp images for all users, and DayTime, Twilight and Night modes set white balance automatically to ensure well-light, crystal clear details can be observed.

    With an optional Aurora Picatinny Rail Mount, a waterproof / dustproof rating of IP67, weapons-certification and an included, recharegable lithium-ion battery capable of a runtime of two hours, the Sionyx Aurora Black is suitable for hunting, boating, nature watching and many other outdoor activities.

    Sionyx Aurora App

    TargetIR App


    Have the ability to remotely control your Aurora device with a mobile smartphone. Change image and camera settings, transfer pictures and videos and share captured moments all with a click of a button. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.  



    • Sensor: Ultra Low-Light CMOS
    • Night Vision: Near Moonless Starlight
    • Weapons-rated: M4 223/5.56 at 4000 rounds
    • Display: Colour or Monochrome
    • Lens: f/1.4 (Night), f/2 (Twilight), f/5.6 (Day) – 16mm
    • Video: 720p
    • FPS: 7.5, 15, 24, 30, 60
    • Images: 0.9MP images
    • Shutter Speeds: 1.5″, 1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/7.5″, 1/15″, 1/30″, 1/60″, 1/120″,1/240″, 1/480″, 1/1000″, 1/2000″, 1/4000″, 1/8000″
    • Connectivity: WiFi, USB 2.0
    • GPS: Geo-Tag
    • Viewfinder: Micro OLED Display
    • Water / Dust Resistance: IP67
    • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion with a continuous runtime of two hours
    • App: Sionyx Aurora for iOS / Android to remotely view, record, download and share content

    About SiOnyx

    Sionyx is a developer of high quality night vision cameras which generate seamless detection and clear vision in low-light conditions, making it perfect for boating, hunting, wildlife detection, surveillance and outdoor use. Constantly innovating, Sionyx were the first producers of colour digital night vision cameras which utilise their trademark XQE CMOS sensor to generate smooth, high defintion images in low-light and moonless starlight conditions. Committed to serving and protecting, Sionyx have tailor made their night vision devices to suit the needs of search and rescue teams, law enforcement and the military as they have been contracted by the United States Department of Defence to help advance imaging and camera technology which is an attestment to their quality and efficiency.

    Product Code: SIO-DISIO010

    More Information
    SensorUltra Low-Light CMOS
    Battery TypeRechargeable lithium-ion with a continuous runtime of two hours
    Water ResistanceYes
    Dimensions (L x W x H)11.8 x 6.3 x 5.2 cm
    IR IlluminatorNo
    Head Gear AdaptableNo
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    1x Sionyx Aurora Black Colour Night Vision Camera

    1x Waterproof Hardshell Case

    2x Camera Batteries

    1x USB Charging Cable

    1x 32 GB microSD card

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