Skywatcher 1.25-inch Erect Image Diagonal (45 Degree)

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The Skywatcher 1.25 Inch Erect Image Diagonal (45 Degree) is a valuable addition for any telescope user who enjoys daytime observing. Its user-friendly design, image quality, and affordability make it a great choice for casual and enthusiast astronomers alike.

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    Skywatcher 1.25 Inch Erect Image Diagonal (45 Degree): Enhance Your Daytime Telescope Views

    The Skywatcher 1.25 Inch Erect Image Diagonal (45 Degree) is a handy accessory for transforming your telescope into a powerful terrestrial observation tool. Here's a breakdown of its key features and benefits:


    Converts the upside-down or mirrored image produced by your telescope into a normal, right-side-up view.
    Ideal for daytime viewing of birds, wildlife, landscapes, and other terrestrial objects.


    Works with refractor, Maksutov-Cassegrain, and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes that use 1.25-inch eyepieces.
    Not compatible with Newtonian telescopes due to insufficient back focus.

    Key Features:

    45-degree angle provides a comfortable viewing position, especially when the telescope is horizontal.
    The prism design delivers sharp, clear images with minimal light loss.
    Fully coated optics for improved light transmission and image quality.
    5-year warranty ensures peace of mind and durability.


    Makes target identification and tracking easier and more intuitive during terrestrial observations.
    Enhances the overall enjoyment of using your telescope for daytime activities.
    Affordable solution compared to dedicated spotting scopes.

    Additional Notes:

    The diagonal introduces a slight light path obstruction, which may reduce the available magnification compared to using a standard diagonal mirror.
    Consider the weight of the diagonal when balancing your telescope mount.

    About Sky-Watcher

    Contemporary telescope-making has advanced the simple optical designs early scopes to revolutionary, state of the art. The Sky-Watcher company believes Telescopes of quality make should no longer be expensive, but accessible to everyone. Sky-Watcher philosophy has always been to bring the vast wonders of the skies within reasonable reach of anyone with enough curiosity and courage to look up and imagine. Sky-Watcher scopes come in a large range of observational applications - from 10"Dobsonians to spotting scopes for land use. 

    Product Code: SKW-SWA-45EID

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