Skywatcher 190/1000 Maksutov Newtonian- OTA Only

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With a fast f/5.3 for shorter exposure times and a fully enclosed meniscus lens composed of Schott glass, the Skywatcher 190/1000 is an astrophotography dream. Ideal for all users, producing outstanding Lunar observation, planetary and beyond.
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    Behold the one and only Skywatcher 190/1000 Maksutov Newtonian Telescope. Why choose a Maksutov Newtonian? Compared to the traditional maksutov cassegrain optical design, Maksutov Newtonians incorporate a spherical primary mirror, multi-coated meniscus lens constructed of Schott glass, all in an enclosed tube. This tried and true combination allows Maksutov Newtonians to excel in astrophotography, offers better error correction over the entire field of view and produces outstanding views of the Moon and the planets.

    The designers of the Skywatcher 190/1000 Maksutov Newtonian Telescope take their astronomy very seriously. With the closed-in meniscus lens, diffraction generated secondary mirrors is a thing of the past and eliminates any chromatic aberration inherent to lens designs. For astrophotographers, you will be impressed by the fast focal ratio of f/5.3 - great for long exposure astrophotography, where other telescopes falter.

    The Skywatcher 190/1000 Maksutov Newtonian Telescope comes with the OTA only. This enables you to choose the mount that best suits your needs. For inspiration, check out the Skywatcher/Saxon NEQ6 Pro Mount. With both the OTA and the mount, you will have a set up equivalent to an astrophotography gold mine.

    Optical Design Maksutov Newtonian
    Aperture 190mm
    Focal length 1000mm
    Aperture ratio 5.3
    Resolving capacity 0.61
    Limit value(mag) 13.2
    Light gathering capacity 740
    Highest Practical Magnification 380x
    Tube Weight 10kg
    Warranty 5 Years Warranty

    Product Code: SKW-SWDM190-OTA

    More Information
    Focal Length1000mm
    Mount TypeN/A
    Electronic Hand ControlNo
    Motor DriveNo
    Warranty Information5 Years Warranty
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