Skywatcher Quattro 250/1000 F4 Imaging Reflector Telescope - OTA Only

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    The Skywatcher 250/1000 F4 Imaging Reflector Telescope is one of Skywatcher's leading premium astrophotography telescopes featuring fast F4 focal ratios for reduced exposure times when encountering wide field astrophotography and deep sky. Due to the distance in which the light travels and the time required to capture that light, standard telescopes take significantly longer amount of time to take images. This often results in the object moving out of the view, blurriness and star trails. The fast f4 focal ratio will significantly reduce these flaws.

    Crafted with a 250mm aperture and a diffraction-limited pyrex glass mirror with metallic high reflection coatings, this telescope is an astrophotography beast with the ability to gather enormous amounts of light. This telescope also comes with a 2" dual speed focuser for more controlled and smoother focusing.

    Product Specifications

    Optical Design Reflector
    Diameter/Aperture 254mm
    Focal Length 1000mm
    F/Ratio f/4
    Finder Scope 8 x 50mm
    Highest Practical Power 504x
    Focuser Diameter 2" (50.8mm) Dual Speed 10:1 Linear Power Focuser

    Product Code: SKW-SKP2501-OTA

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