Skywatcher Evostar 120900 Doublet Refractor Telescope - OTA Only with CASE

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    Experience the night sky in unprecedented clarity and brilliance. High Definition detail, brilliant white on velvety black contrast and amazing resolution is on offer with the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA. Be mesmerised by the pin-point sharpness of even the faintest stars, follow the whispy trails of gas-clouds or delight at planetary surface detail or nebulae. A richer viewing experience is what you will experience with the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA.

    Designed with a two-element air-spaced objective, the second of which is constructed from FPL-S3 - the highest grade of Extra-low Dispersion (ED) fluorite glass available, the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA produces an unrivalled picture quality. Featuring a large 120mm aperture for optimum light collection and lenses fully coated with proprietary Sky-Watcher anti-reflection Metallic High-Transmission Coatings, the Black Diamond series allows impressive light through-put approaching 99.5%. Light- Baffled Optical Systems ensures that all only focussed light is accepted by the telescope, with all unfocussed light being rejected. The inner tube is painted flat black on the inside to prevent reflections.

    Featuring a precision 2” Crayford Focuser allowing the use of 2" eyepieces for a wider field of view with ultra-smooth focusing makes the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA a dream to use. A 28mm 2" eyepiece is included to get you started. Standard 1.25" eyepieces are also compatible. 

    Constructed from sturdy rolled steel with cast-aluminium aperture and eyepiece cells makes the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA highly durable. Quick release mounting rings are included, allowing the optical tube to be attached to any Skywatcher mount. 

    Optically exceptional and designed in particular for astronomy professionals, the Skywatcher Black Diamond ED 120mm Refractor OTA exceeds all expections. This telescope is highly recommended for astrophotography. 

    Your Sky-Watcher product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after the date of purchase. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product with proof of local purchase such as a receipt. 

    About Sky-Watcher
    Contemporary telescope-making has advanced the simple optical designs early scopes to revolutionary, state of the art. The Sky-Watcher company believes Telescopes of quality make should no longer be expensive, but accessible to everyone. Sky-Watcher philosophy has always been to bring the vast wonders of the skies within reasonable reach of anyone with enough curiosity and courage to look up and imagine. Sky-Watcher scopes come in a large range of observational applications - from 10"Dobsonians to spotting scopes for land use. 


    • High Definition ED 120mm Refractor Optical Tube
    • Precision 2” Crayford Focuser
    • 2" 28mm eyepiece included
    • Metallic High-Transmission Coatings with Light-Baffled Optical Systems
    • Finderscope and Mounting rings included
    • 2 Year Australian Warranty

    Product Code: SKW-BDED120-OTA

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