Skywatcher Carbon Fibre Tripod for StrainWave 100i and 150i Harmonic Mount

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Sky-Watcher Carbon Fibre Tripod for Wave 100i/150i Mount designed specifically for the Wave 100i/150i telescopes.

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    Crafted from lightweight yet robust carbon fibre, this tripod offers exceptional stability and portability, ensuring your celestial adventures are both convenient and rewarding.

    With a maximum extended height of 747mm, you can comfortably observe the heavens while minimizing strain. When not in use, the tripod retracts to a compact 500mm, making it easy to transport and store. Weighing only 2.4kg, this tripod defies its impressive 20kg payload capacity, allowing you to mount your equipment with confidence.

    Featuring sturdy outer diameters of 40mm and 35mm, the tripod legs provide a solid foundation for your astrophotography setup. Compatible with the Sky-Watcher Wave 100i/150i telescopes, this tripod seamlessly integrates into your existing equipment, ensuring a cohesive and reliable astronomical experience.


    About Sky-Watcher

    Contemporary telescope-making has advanced the simple optical designs early scopes to revolutionary, state of the art. The Sky-Watcher company believes Telescopes of quality make should no longer be expensive, but accessible to everyone. Sky-Watcher philosophy has always been to bring the vast wonders of the skies within reasonable reach of anyone with enough curiosity and courage to look up and imagine. Sky-Watcher scopes come in a large range of observational applications - from 10"Dobsonians to spotting scopes for land use. 

    Product Code: SWA-TRICF


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