Skywatcher Counterweight Kit for StrainWave 100i and 150i Harmonic Mount

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Achieve seamless balance and stability with the Sky-Watcher Counterweight Kit, meticulously designed for the Wave 100i and 150i mounts.

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    The Skywatcher Counterweight Kit for Starinwave 100i and 150i is an essential accessory ensures optimal performance when working with heavier payloads, enabling you to capture breathtaking celestial vistas with unwavering precision.

    At the heart of the kit lies a robust stainless steel counterweight bar, with a shaft diameter of 20mm and an impressive length of 31.4cm. Complementing the bar is a 16.4cm long extension bar, providing added versatility and customization options to accommodate your specific setup requirements.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the counterweight bar weighs 720g, while the extension bar tips the scales at 350g, offering a perfect balance of lightweight manoeuvrability and sturdy construction.

    Completing the kit is a substantial 5kg stainless steel counterweight, meticulously engineered with an outer diameter of 100mm and a length of 8.5cm. This counterweight serves as the cornerstone of your balanced system, ensuring smooth and controlled movements even with payloads exceeding 10kg for the Wave 100i or 15kg for the Wave 150i.

    With the Sky-Watcher Counterweight Kit, you can confidently explore the depths of the cosmos, secure in the knowledge that your equipment is optimized for exceptional performance and unwavering stability, enabling you to capture awe-inspiring celestial vistas with unparalleled clarity and precision.



    Counterweight shaft diameter 20 mm
    Counterweight shaft length 31.4 cm + 16.4 cm extension
    Thread size TBD
    Weight 720 g + 350 g


    About Sky-Watcher

    Contemporary telescope-making has advanced the simple optical designs early scopes to revolutionary, state of the art. The Sky-Watcher company believes Telescopes of quality make should no longer be expensive, but accessible to everyone. Sky-Watcher philosophy has always been to bring the vast wonders of the skies within reasonable reach of anyone with enough curiosity and courage to look up and imagine. Sky-Watcher scopes come in a large range of observational applications - from 10"Dobsonians to spotting scopes for land use. 

    Product Code: SWA-CW-WAVE

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