Skywatcher EQ8 GOTO Mount with Pier Tripod

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The Sky-Watcher EQ8 GoTo Mount with Pier Tripod offers a staggering payload capacity of 50kg, keeping tracking accuracy to below 1 arc second.


- Incredible Payload Capacity of 50kg

- Adjustable Pier Tripod

- Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) for a Smooth Periodic Error Curve

- Belt-Driven Transmission Limits Backlash

- Auto-Home Function

- Whisper Slew

- Full Control of Right Ascension and Declination Axes

- Freedom Find™ Dual Encoders

- Sky-Watcher 5-Year Warranty

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    The Sky-Watcher EQ8 GoTo Equatorial Mount is the choice for professional astrophotography.

    Featuring an incredible 50kg payload capacity on a German Equatorial Mount, this scope will be suitable for huge optical tubes. The Skywatcher is belt-driven transmission to limit R.A backlash, quiter slewing, smoother period error curve and more.

    The exceptional SynScan hand controller gives you access to more than 42,900 objects in the night sky for easier object identification and tracking. Not sure what to look at? Try out the Deep Sky Tour feature to explore the best objects available in tonight's sky.


    Key Features

    - 50kg Payload Capacity

    - Belt-Driven Transmission Limits Right Ascension Backlash

    - Adjustable Pier Tripod (0.75m to 1m)

    - Permanent Periodic Error Correction

    - Sub Arcsecond Tracking Accuracy

    - RA and DEC Indexers

    - RA Worm Gear Indexer

    - Unknown Object Identification Feature

    - Whisper Slew

    - Auto-Home Function

    - Freedom Find™ Dual Encoders Accurate to Within 1.2 Arcminutes

    - Smooth Periodic Error Curve



    Mount Type German Equatorial Mount
    Telescope Mounting D Style
    Payload Capacity 50kg
    Mount Head Weight 25kg
    Latitude Range 10°-65°
    Azimuth Range +/- 10°
    Power Requirement DC 12~16V -4A
    Pointing Accuracy up to 5 arc min
    Slewing Speed up to 3.3°/sec
    Guiding Speed 0.125X, 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X
    Motor Resolution  Approx. 0.12 arc-second
    Encoder Resolution 17624 Counts/Rev., approx. 1.2 arc-minutes


    About Sky-Watcher

    Skywatcher make telescopes with the intention of bringing the treasures of the sky within reach of anyone curious enough to look up and wonder. The company has been making telescopes since 1980. Skywatcher Telescopes optics are of the highest quality, and any telescope is available for a wide range of observing applications, from 50mm spotting scopes right up to 150mm (6") refractors, 200mm (8") reflectors, and 250mm (10") Dobsonians.

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    1 x German Equatorial Mount EQ8

    1 x Hard Case With Wheels for the Mount Head

    1 x Counterweight Bar

    1 x SynScan Hand Controller and Cable

    1 x Power Supply Cord (Lighter Plug)

    1 x User Manual