Skywatcher NEQ6 Pier Tripod

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Turn your Skywatcher NEQ6 or AZEQ6 telescope into an observatory using an extremely robust and sturdy Pier Tripod.
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    Pier tripods are used to permanently secure your telescope mount onto a static location while allowing the mount to use its full capabilities. The Skywatcher NEQ5 Pier Tripod is built for use with the Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Mount or the Skywatcher AZEQ6 Mount. If you are not yet sure of where you want your telescope to be mounted, simply wheel the telescope around using the convenient roller wheels. Once you have decided, remove the wheels and screw the tripod in place.

    The Skywatcher NEQ6 Pier Tripod is constructed using solid cast steel and can reach a maximum height of 93cm. 

    Product Code: SWA-TRINEQ6PIER

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