Skywatcher Polar Scope EQ3/HEQ5

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    Attach the Skywatcher Polar Scope for EQ3/HEQ5 Mount onto your telescope for quicker and more accurate polar alignment. To polar align, simply find the four-star constellation of Octans in the night sky using an App or star chart, align the Octans reticle in your polar scope to that constellation, and then you are polar aligned! It's that easy.

    The Skywatcher Polar Scope makes polar alignment so much easier and quicker, so you can focus on the observing! Using a polar scope also allows for a more accurate polar alignment. This is especially important for long exposure photography or observing difficult to find objects where tracking is crucial.

    This polar scope is suitable for the Skywatcher EQ3 Mount and HEQ5 Mount.

    Product Code: SWA-POLAR-HEQ5

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