Skywatcher SynScan USB Adapter

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Upgrade your SkyWatcher mount, and upgrade your experience! Ditch the hand controller and connect directly to your PC via USB. This opens the door to a vast collection of astronomy software, both open-source and commercial. From precise guiding with PHD to immersive exploration with Stellarium, the possibilities are endless.

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    Unleash the Power of Your SkyWatcher Mount: Go Wireless with PC Control!

    Imagine ditching the hand controller and seamlessly commanding your trusty SkyWatcher mount directly from your PC. This nifty USB dongle acts as a key, unlocking the latest "PC-Direct" features on even older models. Think smoother control, wider software compatibility, and an astronomy experience that's out of this world!

    No more wires, no more hassles. Connect your PC to your SkyWatcher mount via USB, and a universe of possibilities opens up. Explore the cosmos with ease using a vast array of astronomy software, from free open-source gems like Cartes du Ciel and PHD Guiding to renowned commercial programs like Stellarium and TheSky.

    Point, click, and explore. Fancy a specific celestial object? Simply click on it in your planetarium software, and watch your telescope flawlessly align itself. Taking astrophotography to the next level? 

    Mac & Linux users rejoice! The INDI Library opens the door to a treasure trove of astronomy applications, seamlessly integrating your SkyWatcher mount into your preferred operating system. Whether you're an equatorial mount enthusiast or an Alt-Az Dobsonian user, this adapter caters to all.

    This upgrade works wonders on older SkyWatcher models that lack built-in USB ports or the latest SynScan hand controller. So, breathe new life into your trusty companion and unlock a world of astronomical possibilities!

    Don't miss out on this cosmic game-changer! Upgrade your SkyWatcher mount today and embark on a journey of celestial discovery like never before.

    Compatible with the following Skywater mounts:
    EQ3 GOTO
    EQ5 GOTO

    About Sky-Watcher

    Contemporary telescope-making has advanced the simple optical designs early scopes to revolutionary, state of the art. The Sky-Watcher company believes Telescopes of quality make should no longer be expensive, but accessible to everyone. Sky-Watcher philosophy has always been to bring the vast wonders of the skies within reasonable reach of anyone with enough curiosity and courage to look up and imagine. Sky-Watcher scopes come in a large range of observational applications - from 10"Dobsonians to spotting scopes for land use. 

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