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Star Disc - Double Sided Planisphere


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An analog disc that maps the stars above. Rotate the two film discs to the current date to find out what you can see above the horizon. The Star Disc - Double Sided Planisphere is a simple invention, but an extremely informative instrument to find out the visible stars at any time and date.

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Another professional informative and educational instrument by Astrovisuals, the Star Disc - Double Sided Planisphere now comes in clear, high-strength PVC plastic (printed in black).

A planisphere will help you understand the movements of the night sky and the star objects visible at any time and date. Also identify constellations. Then, accompany this with a simple telescope and binocular setup to see these objects closer and in greater detail!

Also mapped on the Star Disc - Double Sided Planisphere are the positions of planets from 2013 till 2017.

- North and South sides give greater space and clarity.
- Clear, uncluttered design.
- Artwork by Wil Tirion (
- Major stars, galaxies, nebulae and clusters in colour.
- Comes with a reference guide with lists of Stars and binocular objects and planet positions for the next 5 years.
- Size: 27 x 24 cm
- Suitable for latitudes 25° to 45° South. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina & Chile.)
- Made in Australia by Astrovisuals