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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you service and repair telescopes?

We certainly do! Our in-house experienced service staff performs maintenance (such as collimation) and non-warranty repairs on telescopes. Warranty repairs on telescopes are subject to the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions - they may either be repaired in-house or organised for repair/replacement at the manufacturer's discretion. For more information on the Optics Central Service Centre, click here.


What about services and repairs on binoculars, microscopes, etc.?

We currently do not accept non-warranty repairs on binoculars, microscopes, riflescopes, etc. However, simple warranty repairs may be performed in-house by our dedicated service staff, or your item(s) may be sent elsewhere for repair, subject to the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions. For more information on the Optics Central Service Centre, click here.


Do your products come with a warranty?

They most certainly do! All of our products come with Australian Warranties. The length of the warranty period and what is covered will depend on the product. For more information on your product's warranty, click here.


Do you ship outside Australia?

Yes, we do! We ship Australia-Wide - large or small! We also ship small parcels such as binoculars or accessories to New Zealand directly from our website. But if you live countries outside of Australia/New Zealand, there are a number of factors that come into play that determine whether we can ship to your address. For an accurate delivery availability and quotation, contact our Support Team on +61 3 8813 9006 or email us at In your query, please specify the item you want to ship (preferably SKU) and your delivery address.


Do you ship to New Zealand?

Yes we certainly do! We can ship small parcels, including small telescopes, binoculars and accessories, all over New Zealand. If you wish to place an order, simply add the eligible products into cart, and you can fill in your delivery address. Please note that all prices are charged in AUD. Once New Zealand has selected as a the delivery 'country', Australian GST (10%) will be removed from the final price. Buyer is responsible for paying New Zealand GST (15%) and customs charges once it has reached customs in New Zealand where applicable.

We offer standard delivery to New Zealand which takes between 7 - 12 business days. 


Can I pick up products in-store?

You most certainly can! As long as the product you are after is in stock, you can certainly pick up from our warehouse. You can either place a Click & Collect order on our website, or Call or email our Customer Service team so we can verify the item is available and get one put aside for you. We accept Cash / Credit and EFTPOS for pickup orders.

Our opening hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm Saturdays.


I live outside of Australia but would like to put through an order for someone in Australia. Your system will not accept my address. How do I put through an order?

The best thing to do is to use the delivery address as the invoicing address as well. If you are using an international credit card, it is best to drop us a quick email about the order so we can make sure the order gets processed properly.



How do I know my order has been shipped?

When the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible and our warehouse team will pack your item carefully. Once it leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email with your order detail and a tracking number for your parcel.