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First telescope?  You're at the right place. We have all the tools to get you started as stress-free as possible. Read our Telescope Guide, check out Our Quick 2-min Choosing A Telescope Quiz, or contact our Friendly Customer Service Team for help. Let's get you started! 

Shop From Australia's Optics Superstore with over 200+ Telescopes with Genuine Australian Warranty and Quality Customer Support 7 Days A Week. Always wanted to see the Moon and stars? Want to see Saturn's Rings through a telescope? Optics Central stocks a wide range of telescopes for breathtaking, gobsmacking views of our universe. Whether a beginner telescope or one for an aspiring astronomer, be it Refractor Telescopes or collapsible Dobsonians, Computerised Telescopes, we've got them all covered. If you are buying a first telescope, check out our Telescope Guide or contact our Friendly Customer Service Team for help. We're just a call away!

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  1. Skywatcher Star Discovery 127/1500 Maksutov SD Telescope
    Skywatcher Star Discovery 1271500 Computerised Wi-Fi Enabled Telescope - With Hand Controller
    OUR PRICE $1,399.00
  2. Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 Computerised Cassegrain Telescope (Wi-Fi Enabled)
    Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope -Wi-Fi Enabled
    OUR PRICE $4,099.00
  3. Skywatcher 127/1500 Mini AZ GOTO WiFi Computerised Telescope (Dual Encoder)
    Skywatcher 1271500 Mini AZGTI GOTO WiFi Computerised Telescope -Dual Encoder
    OUR PRICE $1,199.00
  4. Meade LS8-ACF 8" LightSwitch Telescope w/UHTC
    Meade LS8-ACF 8" LightSwitch Telescope w/UHTC
    OUR PRICE $4,499.00

4 Items

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