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The most suitable types of telescopes for deep space viewing (nebulae, galaxies) are Dobosnian Telescopes. Dobsonians are made of a simple tube structure yet features remarkable ability to gather light, making it extremely versatile for viewing the deep skies. High-powered Reflector Telescopes, affixed with a large aperture, are also suitable for this application!


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  1. Skywatcher 16" Go-To Computerized Dobsonian Telescope (16 Inch)
    Skywatcher 16 Dobsonian Collapsible GOTO Computerised Telescope
    OUR PRICE $5,699.00
  2. Skywatcher Black Diamond 16" Collapsible Telescope
    Skywatcher Black Diamond 16 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope
    OUR PRICE $4,999.00
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