Terms of Work

All repairs conducted in-house or via our selected partners are subject to the terms of work outlined below. These terms may be subject to change without formal notice. 


Cost of Work

Free: Applies to eligible Warranty / Return / Faulty Claims pre-approved by OpticsCentral

Non-Warranty Repair: $80 per billable hour, minimum charge of $80


By submitting a Repair Order, you (the client) have provided OpticsCentral the right to perform any necessary work to the item to evaluate, assess and quote the item for the repair / replacement / exchange assessment. The initial cost quoted may be subject to change based on the actual amount of work required. This will be based on a formal assessment by our technician after the item has been taken apart. OpticsCentral will contact you if further work is required and you will be advised of the revised price at this time.

Based on the quote provided, you may may choose to accept or reject the quote. If you wish to accept the quote, you will be charged the revised price plus shipping. If you wish to reject the quote, you will only be charged our admin and handling fee of $30 plus return shipping. 


Turnaround Time

The rough turnaround time is estimated at 3-4 weeks and may be longer during peak periods. This turnaround time depends on the model, size, availability of spare parts, and level of work required, and thus, susceptible to change. Simple jobs can have a turnaround of 1 week. For more details, please contact us.


Accidental Loss or Damage

In the extraordinary event of accidental loss or damage to the item during the repair order, OpticsCentral will reasonably attempt to fix the issue where possible. However, OpticsCentral will not be liable for monetary or other claims where the damage was beyond our reasonable control or forewarned. 


Warranty Period

All repairs come with a 30 day warranty, unless otherwise specified. All completed repairs will be returned with a Repair Order Form detailing the work completed.