The World of the Microscope Book


Interested in learning about Microscopes but don't know where to start? Already a microscope user but want to know more? The World of the Microscope book is the companion you are looking for!

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    A Microscope is a remarkable tool, designed to reveal unseen objects too small for the eye to see. But how do you get the most out of your microscope? What is the best microscope for looking at electronics? Which is the best for looking at plant cells? The World of the Microscope Book will introduce you to all the different types of Microscopes, from the humble magnifying glass to the Powerful Electron beam, and provides answers to which microscope is best for what activity and why.

    The World of the Microscope Book is a practical Introduction to microscopes, providing information about the correct way to use a microscope illustrated by Step-by-Step Diagrams, as well as providing projects ideas and activities to reveal the incredible detail of everyday objects. Discover a world of minute detail, marvel at the intricate weave of fabric close up, admire the fragile structure of a fly wing, or even check the surface of that collector coin to determine the market value. The World of the Microscope Book will direct and guide you to get the most out of magnification journey.


    • Learn about the different types of Microscopes from magnifying glasses to electron beam
    • Step-by-Step Diagrams for getting the best out of your Microscope
    • How to Prepare and keep slides
    • Exciting Project suggestions


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