Vanguard Optic Guard Binocular Harness

  • Adjustable Harness Straps
  • Sliding Tether Straps for Binoculars
  • Evenly Distribute Binocular Weight


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    The Vanguard Optic Guard Binocular Harness is the ideal accessory for hunters, bird watchers and anyone who generally enjoys the outdoors. This Binocular Harness made by Vanguard evenly distributes weight for comfortable extended use. The Vanguard Optic Guard Binocular Harness will help you keep your binoculars at hand and eliminates neck strain when using them while sporting, birding and hunting. With comfortable elastic straps your binoculars weight will be evenly distributed ensuring you greater comfort. This lightweight harness securely attaches to your binoculars, preventing accidental slippage or misplacement.

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    • Vanguard Optic Guard Binocular Harness

    Product Code: VAN-V014715

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