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The Vortex Bino-Loc Hinge Lock keeps your binoculars locked at your preferred angle for the best views at all times. Now when you pull your binoculars out from the case, you can immediately view the objects without needing to adjust the angle again. With the Vortex Bino-Loc Hinge Lock, you are ready to spot for birds or wild animals the moment you put the binoculars to your eyes

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    Vortex Bino-Loc Hinge Lock  is the easiest way to lock your binoculars at the right angle for the best views. Say goodbye to the hassle in adjusting your binoculars when you are going to use them. Just insert the hinge, adjust, lock and you will have the perfect angle every time you remove your binoculars from your pack. When the binoculars are locked into place, the angle is so accurate that you can even use one arm to view birds, animals, boats or buildings - perfect for those who need to multitask!

    The Vortex Bino-Lock Hinge Lock also works very well in conjunction with the Binocular Harness Strap, ensuring that the elastic harness straps don't change your interpupillary setting.

    All Vortex binoculars come with a unique Vortex VIP Lifetime Warranty. Vortex will repair or replace your Vortex product in the event it becomes damaged or defective at no cost to you (Postage Costs may apply). It does not matter how it happened or who is at fault. The Vortex warranty is valid for anyone carrying a Vortex product for the lifetime of the product. No warranty cards, terms or conditions or warranty periods.

    *Vortex reserves the right to deny warranty claims due to misuse, deliberate damage, theft or loss. 

    The Vortex Sport Optics Heritage

    Founded in 2004 with the intention of bringing the best value Optics with exceptional Class leading performance. Vortex has created a range of Sport Optics products that are leaders in its class. Starting at the entry level Vanquish up to the class leading Razor HD. There is a Vortex Binoculars to suit every need. Experience hunters from all over the world rely on Vortex for their superior performance and incredible precision. To demonstrate their confidence in providing the best optics, all Vortex products come with a VIP Lifetime Warranty to cover any fault for the lifetime of the product regardless of which party is at fault.


    Product Code: VTX-VOBLOC

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