Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 T* Binoculars

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    With optics that let nature lovers find their targets faster, identify them more precisely and observe them for longer.

    The binoculars of the ZEISS Victory SF family are specially designed and constructed for birders and wildlife watchers and are the first choice for anyone with a passion for the great outdoors.

    Extremely wide field of view
    With birds often hiding in dense cover, it’s essential that you have a wide field of view to allow you to spot any slight movements. The wide field of view of the ZEISS Victory SF binoculars increases the observable area of interest by up to 20% in comparison with other binoculars. Depending on the model, the field of view is between 120 m and 155 m, giving the user an impressive overview.

    UFL Concept
    Compromises cannot be made when it comes to bird identification – fine details have to be recognised within seconds for an accurate and reliable identification. The ZEISS Victory SF family was developed to master the most demanding situations encountered in birdwatching. The optical performance was maximised with a UFL Concept. This allows the user to master the most demanding of bird-watching scenarios, ensuring every precious moment is captured with absolute clarity.

    To fully enjoy some of nature’s most breathtaking moments, such as the beauty of migrating raptors above a hotspot, one key ingredient is needed above all: time. Long periods of observation are often necessary, meaning the ergonomics of your binoculars are essential. This the reason why ZEISS Victory SF binoculars are constructed with a uniquely ergonomic design. The SmartFocus Concept includes a perfectly positioned focusing wheel that enables fast and precise focusing even after many hours of observation (between 1.6 and 1.8 turns, depending on the model). In addition, the ErgoBalance Concept of the binoculars – with the centre of gravity being shifted closer to the user – ensures effortless observation over long periods of time, giving you more time to experience the many impressive moments that nature has to offer.



    Brilliant visual experience
    Experience close up every spectacle of nature. The newly developed Ultra-FL lens brings you bright, colour-neutral and sharp images all the way to the edges.

    Faster viewing
    The unrivalled wide-angle field of view gives you a greater overview, allowing you to find your subjects faster than ever before. The ergonomic and dynamic quick-focus feature allows you to recognize all essential details straightaway.

    Comfortable discoveries
    The light weight of 780g and unique ErgoBalance-Concept prevents exhaustion, even when spending days in the outdoors.

    About Victory SF 10x42
    The 360ft / 1000yds field of view with 10x magnification is like a dream come true for many nature enthusiasts. The close range of 4.9 ft allows for an impressive, larger-than-life view of birds, butterflies and dragonflies – as if you could reach out and touch them. The weight distribution and ergonomic grip makes for comfortable, steady observation, even at 10x magnification



    Victory SF Usage



    Model 8x42 10x42
    Magnification 8x 10x
    Effective lens diameter 42mm 42mm
    Exit pupil diameter 5.3mm 4.2mm
    Twilight factor 18.3 20.5
    Field of View at 1000m 148m  120m
    Subjective viewing angle 64° Ww 64° Ww
    Close focusing distance 1.5m 1.5m
    Dioptre adjustment range +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt
    Exit pupil distance 18mm 18mm
    Interpupillary distance (PD) 55-76mm 55-76mm
    Objective Type UFL UFL
    Prism system Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan
    Coating LotuTec ® / T* LotuTec ® / T*
    Nitrogen filled Yes Yes
    Water resistance 400 mbar 400 mbar
    Opertating temperature  -30 ° C / +63 ° C -30 ° C / +63 ° C
    Length 173mm 173mm
    Width at an interpupillary distance of 65mm 125mm 125mm
    Weight 790g 790g
    SKU 524223 524224


    Model: 10x42
    ZEISS Order Number: 524224-0000-000
    EAN Number: 4047006422401
    Made in Germany
    Tarif: 9051000
    Warranty: 10 Years

    Packaging details:
    Box height: 110mm
    Box length: 278mm
    Box width: 270mm 
    Weight: 2.08kg
    Product weight: 790g
    Packaging materials: Cardboard, polyethlene foam. 


    The Carl Zeiss Sport Optics Promise

    Over a century and a half of balancing precision engineering and state-of-the-art design has firmly planted Carl Zeiss at the pinnacle of the optics world. Giving geneticists the ability to isolate and laser individual cells in the fight against cancer. Designing camera lenses that help produce the stunning images for Google Earth. Making the most sophisticated optics for machines that produce the majority of today’s semiconductor memory and processing chips. And giving birders and naturalists the ability to digitally capture what they see as they observe. All told, ZEISS has been behind an astonishing diversity of applications that even founder Carl Zeiss would never have imagined. The Carl Zeiss Brand stands for the highest of precision and quality, backed by over 160 years of innovation and research. Zeiss tagline, "We Make It Visible" drives their philosophy in creating optics today. By putting in only quality materials, conscientious research, the best armouring for optics - so that what you can see is often way beyond your imagination.

    OpticsCentral is an appointed official Carl Zeiss SportOptics Dealer in Victoria

    Product Code: 524224

    More Information
    Magnification 10 times
    Waterproof No
    Fogproof No
    Field of View 65 °
    Eye Relief 18 mm
    Binoculars Weight 780g
    Warranty Information 10 years
    Additional Specifications of Product Effective Lens Diameter 42 mm
    Exit Pupil Diameter 4.2 mm
    Twilight Factors 20.5
    Field of View at 1000m 120 m
    Apparent Field of View 65 °
    Close Focus 1.5 m
    Diopter Adjustment Range +4 | -4 dpt
    Pupil Distance 55 - 76 mm
    Eye Relief 18 mm
    Lens Type Ultra-FL-Type
    PrismSystem Schmidt-Pechan
    Water Resistance 400 mbar
    LotuTec® Yes
    Nitrogen Filling yes
    Functional Temperature in °C -30 | +63 °C
    Height 173 mm
    Width at an eye width of 65 mm 125 mm
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