ZWO OIII 7nm 2-inch Filter


The ZWO OIII 7nm Filter 2" is designed to see deep sky objects. These filters' main purpose is to reduce the transmission of any unwanted artificial light caused by the oxygen emission, that may cause hindrance. Therefore, these filters help in increasing contarct among the nebula and the night sky, giving you a clearer view of the objects.  

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    The ZWO OIII 7nm Filter 2" is ideal for deep sky viewing. These filters help in increasing the contrast between the night sky and the nebula. This is to reduce the transmission of any unwanted artificial light. 


    Size: 2″

    Thickness: 5mm+2.5mm(thread)

    Thread: M48.5*0.75 male thread

    About ZWO Optical

    Established in 2011, ZWO Optical is a fast-growing global astroimaging camera powerhouse based in Suzhou, China. Known for its iconic ZWO ASI 120MM Monochrome CMOS Camera, the first-ever planetary CMOS camera to beat a CCD in the early 2010s, ZWO has  pioneered new astroimaging technology with revolutionary new features, including USB 3,0, cooled systems, ADC and more. Today, ZWO Cameras is known by every passionate astrophotographer and is available in over 25 countries world-wide. 

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