ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour USB 3.0 Astronomy CMOS Camera

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    The ZWO ASI120MC-S Astronomy Camera is an affordable compact and fast astronomy camera solution, perfect for a first astronomy camera! Featuring fast frame rate of 35FPS and up to 60FPS under 1280x960 full resolution, this is great starter for your astroimaging journey. Suitable for planetary imaging or as a dedicated guide camera.

    ZWO ASI120MC-S Specifications

    Camera Performance

    ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour Astronomy Camera - Camera Performance 

    About ZWO Optical: Astrophotography has never been easier

    "Established in 2011, ZWO Optical is a fast-growing global astroimaging camera powerhouse based in Suzhou China.
    They focus on building and innovating groundbreaking CMOS cameras such as the iconic ZWO ASI120MM Monochrome CMOS camera (the first-ever planetary CMOS camera to beat a CCD in the early 2010s).
    ZWO continues to pioneer new astrophotography technology with revolutionary features to capture exceptional quality of images of space that will last you a lifetime.

    Today, ZWO cameras are recognised by every passionate astrophotography and are available in over 25 countries internationally."

    Product Code: ZWO-ASI120MC-S

    More Information
    Sensor Type AR0130CS CMOS
    Sensor Size 1/3″
    Pixel Size 3.75µm
    Resolution 1.2MP (1280 × 960)
    Colour / Monochrome Colour
    FPS 60
    Shutter Rolling Shutter
    QE Peak 75%
    Full Well 13000e
    Exposure Range 64µs-1000s
    USB 3.0
    Operating System Compatibility Windows
    Cooled? No
    Working Temperature -5°C—45°C
    Storage Temperature -20°C—60°C
    Humidity 20%—80%
    Usage Guiding, Planetary Imaging
    Camera Weight 100g
    Warranty Information 2 Years Limited
    Additional Specifications of Product Binning 1×1: 1280X960@60FPS 1280X720@98FPS 1280X600@116FPS 1280X400@168FPS 960X960@74FPS 1024X768@90FPS 1024X400@160FPS 800X800@85FPS 800X640@106FPS 800X480@141FPS 640X480@133FPS 512X440@145FPS 512X400@158FPS 480X320@196FPS 320X240@254FPS Binning 2×2: 640X480@45FPS
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