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ZWO ASI294MC Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Astronomy CMOS Camera


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The ZWO ASI 294MC Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Colour is the first deep space astronomy camera to feature Sony’s IMX294 CMOS sensor! It is packed full with features that result in a superb astroimaging camera!

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The ZWO ASI294MC is built upon the fantastic capabilities of the popular ASI1600.

Sensor Sony IMX294
Sensor size 4/3" (19.1mmx13mm)
Resolution 4144 x 2822
Cooling Temperature -35 degrees celcius
Read Noise 1.2e
FPS 19
Connection USB 2.0


ZWO has refined Sony's sensor to increase the diagonal from 10.71M-Effective pixels to 11.71M-Effective pixels.

High-sensitivity Type 4/3 CMOS Image Sensor that supports 4k for astronomical cameras and industrial applications: 

The IMX294CJK sensor is the first in-house image sensor for astronomic cameras to adopt the 4/3 format and provides the necessary number of pixels for true 4k output at 120 frames per second (w/ ADC 10-bit output mode, the ASI294MC can run up to 25fps at 4k format when used with USB 3.0). In addition, the use of larger-sized pixels achieves SNR1s of 0.14 lx* which is very close to the value of the ASI224 (0.13 lx*).

Exceptional low-illumination performance

Exceptional low-illumination performance of SNR1s: 0.14 lx is realized by use of a large-size optical system and by expanding the area per pixel to 4.63 µm. This makes the IMX294CJK ideal for astronomic camera market applications that require low-illumination performance.

DDR Memory Buffer

The ASI294MC Pro camera includes a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help improve data transfer reliability. This buffer serves to also minimise amp-glow (caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port) in order to capture clearer viewings!

14bit ADC w/ 13 stops DR

The ASI294 has a 14bit ADC unit which allows it to achieve 13 stops of dynamic range. Such characteristic is excellent for deep sky imaging, which always needs high dynamic range. The ASI294 has even more dynamic range than the ASI1600 with its 13 stops

HCG Mode (high conversion gain)
ZWO ASI294MC's HCG mode (which reduces read noise to even lower levels at higher gain without loss to dynamic range) is automatically enabled when the gain setting rises above 120. With this mode, read noise will drop under 2e- while dynamic range remains at 13 stops.

Full well capacity:

The ZWO ASI294MC has a 63700e full well, which is 3 times larger than ASI1600’s capacity. You can use this for long exposure and the brightest stars will also not saturate. This camera can achieve higher SNR(signal to noise ratio) with just one single exposure.

Reliable mechanics:

The ASI294MC Pro has the same sturdy mechanics and elegant design as the ASI1600 Pro. ZWO's recognisible sleek hot-rod red housing not only protects the sensor chamber, but works incredibly well in wet and humid environments without dew problems. 

High QE:

The IMX294 sensor is a BSI (backside illuminated type) sensor, which has very high QE (quantum efficiency, which we estimate is over 75% peak).

What's in the box?

  • Camera bag
  • camera body
  • 12m USB 3.0 cable
  • T2 21mm extender
  • T2-M48 16.5mm extender
  • 1.25" nose piece
  • M42-M48 adapter
  • 0.5m USB2.0 cable x 2
  • T2-1.25" adapter

Product Code: ZWO-ASI294MC-P

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Additional Information

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