ZWO ASI585MC Pro Colour Astronomy CMOS Camera

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The ZWO ASI585MC Pro camera offers a well-rounded package for both deep-sky and solar system astrophotography, thanks to its large sensor, sensitive pixels, high resolution and impressive speed.

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    Unveiling the ASI585MC Pro: A Stellar Performer Takes Flight

    The ASI585MC Pro camera stands out as a compelling choice for astrophotography enthusiasts, particularly those interested in capturing the beauty of deep-sky objects. Its core strength lies in the large 1/1.2" Sony 4K CMOS sensor, equipped with sensitive 2.9μm pixels. This combination translates to exceptional low-light performance, crucial for capturing faint deep-sky nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters in crisp detail. The camera has an impressive 8.29-megapixel resolution, ensuring you can capture these celestial wonders with enough resolution to crop or print later.

    Beyond deep-sky astrophotography, the ASI585MC Pro's versatility extends to capturing the dynamic details of the solar system. Its high-speed mode, reaching up to 47 frames per second at full resolution, makes it suitable for capturing the rapid changes occurring on the Sun, Moon, and planets. This allows you to freeze fleeting moments, like the eruption of a solar prominence or Jupiter's Great Red Spot, with exceptional clarity.


    Beyond the Stars: Technological Advancements

    The ASI585MC Pro pushes the boundaries of astrophotography with its innovative features:

    STARVIS 2 Technology: This next-generation technology, developed by Sony has a wider dynamic range and unparalleled sensitivity, exceeding human vision. Witness the universe in a way never experienced before, with an improved signal-to-noise ratio for pristine images.

    Unmatched Full Well Capacity: The camera's back-illuminated structure empowers it with a colossal full well capacity, nearly four times that of its predecessor. This translates to superior light-gathering efficiency, minimising overexposed highlights and maximising signal-to-noise ratio for even more breathtaking details.

    Zero Amp Glow, Guaranteed: Say goodbye to unwanted noise! The ASI585MC Pro delivers consistently clean and smooth images, regardless of exposure length or gain. This remarkable achievement is embedded within the hardware itself, requiring no software intervention.

    Uninterrupted Data Flow: Experience seamless data transfer with the integrated 512MB DDR3 cache and a robust USB 3.0 interface. This ensures smooth and stable operation, allowing you to focus on capturing your celestial masterpiece.


    Unveiling the Universe, One Feature at a Time:

    Multifunctional USB Hub: Connect various accessories like EFWs, guide cameras, and EAFs with ease, transforming your setup into a comprehensive astrophotography powerhouse.

    Powerful Two-Stage TEC Cooling: This innovative system chills the CMOS sensor down to a staggering 35 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature. The result? Dramatically reduced dark current generation and sensor noise, even during extended exposures, yielding crystal-clear images.

    Low Read Noise, High Dynamic Range: The camera's built-in HCG mode effectively combats read noise at high gain, preserving the camera's exceptional dynamic range. This translates to vibrant images even in challenging low-light conditions.

    Connection Methods (Back Focus - 55mm)

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    More Information
    Product FlagNew
    Sensor TypeIMX585
    Sensor Size11.2 x 6.3mm
    Pixel Size2.9um
    Resolution3840 x 2160
    Colour / MonochromeColour
    Read Noise0.9e
    ShutterRolling Shutter
    QE Peak91%
    Full Well47Ke
    Back Focus55mm
    Operating System CompatibilityWindows, Mac OSX, Linux
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