ZWO ASI715MC Colour Astronomy Camera

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The ZWO ASI715MC Colour Astronomy Camera packs a powerful punch for its size. Capture stunning images of planets, smaller deep-sky objects, and even microscope imaging:

  • Super low noise for clear, crisp images

  • High sensitivity to uncover hidden details


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    Your Compact Planetary Imaging Powerhouse

    Imagine capturing the swirling storms of Jupiter, the intricate rings of Saturn, or the delicate phases of Venus – all in stunning detail. This versatile planetary camera, packed within a surprisingly compact design, empowers you to unlock the secrets of our solar system and beyond.

    Unveiling Astronomical Details:

    • High-Resolution Sensor: Boasting an 8.46-megapixel Sony IMX715 sensor, the ASI715MC delivers exceptional clarity. Its tiny 1.45μm pixels act like miniature telescopes, zooming in on planetary features with impressive angular resolution. Imagine discerning the Great Red Spot on Jupiter or the delicate cloud bands on Saturn – all from your backyard!

    • Low-Light Prowess: Even when capturing faint celestial bodies, the ASI715MC shines. Its remarkably low readout noise of 0.72e minimizes unwanted noise, resulting in cleaner, sharper images.
    Coupled with a high quantum efficiency (QE) of 80% ensuring a superior signal-to-noise ratio even in challenging conditions.

    Speed and Convenience

    Equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, the ASI715MC has lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 45.1 FPS. This allows for smooth video capture of planets and high-speed burst photography, ideal for catching fleeting details like lunar eclipses or planetary transits.
    The built-in 256MB DDR3 memory buffer ensures smooth image capture, even at high frame rates. This is crucial for stacking multiple frames, a technique used to achieve stunning final images with even greater detail and noise reduction.

    Beyond Planetary Imaging

    While the ASI715MC excels in planetary imaging, its versatility doesn't stop there. It's small size and high sensitivity make it suitable for deep-sky astrophotography, especially when paired with short focal length telescopes. 

    The ASI715MC doesn't limit itself to the celestial; it doubles as a powerful microscopy tool. Its high resolution and color sensitivity reveal the intricate details of microscopic specimens in stunning clarity.

    Compact and Portable

    Unlike bulky astronomy setups, the ASI715MC is surprisingly compact and lightweight. This makes it ideal for star parties and astrophotography trips. Its compatibility with various telescopes and adapters ensures seamless integration into your existing setup.

    The ZWO ASI715MC offers exceptional performance, versatility, and user-friendly design making it the perfect companion for astronomy enthusiasts and aspiring astrophotographers alike.

    About ZWO Optical

    Astrophotography has never been easier.

    Established in 2011, ZWO Optical is a fast-growing global astroimaging camera powerhouse based in Suzhou China. They focus on building and innovating ground-breaking CMOS cameras such as the iconic ZWO ASI120MM Monochrome CMOS camera (the first-ever planetary CMOS camera to beat a CCD in the early 2010s). ZWO continues to pioneer new astrophotography technology with revolutionary features to capture exceptional quality of images of space that will last you a lifetime. Today, ZWO cameras are recognised by every passionate astrophotographer and are available in over 25 countries internationally.

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    More Information
    Sensor TypeIMX715
    Sensor Size1/2.8"
    Pixel Size1.45μm
    Colour / MonochromeColour
    Read Noise0.72e
    ShutterRolling Shutter
    QE Peak80%
    Full Well6.03Ke
    Exposure Range32µs-2000s
    Back Focus12.5mm
    UsagePlanetary Imaging
    Warranty Information2 years
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