ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser Standard


We are now accepting preorders for the ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser 5V. Please note that existing and new orders is now expected be dispatched in late June 2022 due to shipment delays, subject to change. 

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    The Zwo Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF) is a focuser that is used for planetary and astrophotography. It is compatible with ASCOM and INDI and can also be used as a combination with the ASIAIR and the ASICAP software. 

    • Highly integrated design
    • Supports ASCOM platform and various ASCOM-compatible third-party software
    • Supports INDI
    • Supports original software such as ASIAIR and ASIStudio
    • Supports automatic focusing
    • Supports handle controller and manual focusing
    • Supports temperature sensor
    • USB HID device and drive-free
    • Stable and durable

    The standard version comes with an EAF body, flexible coupling, motor bracket, USB2.0 cable.


    Size: 59mm x 52mm x 41mm

    Motor: Step motor, 35mm diameter, 5760 steps to rotate a circle

    Power supply: Over USB 2.0 

    Data port: USB2.0 port 

    Weight: 227g

    Capacity: 5kg


    Connection diagram:


    EAF connection diagram 2


    ZWO Electronic Austomatic Focuser supports the following: 

    Skywater Astrophotography Reflectors, SkyWatcher Black Diamond, SkyWatcher Dobsonians, SkyWatcher Maksutov-Newtonians.

    SharpStar Telescopes

    SkyRover Telescopes

    TS Optics 

    Astro Tech

    Feather Touch


    Mechancial Diagram: 

    EAF schematics


    About ZWO Optical: Astrophotography has never been easier

    Established in 2011, ZWO Optical is a fast-growing global astroimaging camera powerhouse based in Suzhou China. They focus on building and innovating groundbreaking CMOS cameras such as the iconic ZWO ASI120MM Monochrome CMOS camera (the first-ever planetary CMOS camera to beat a CCD in the early 2010s). ZWO continues to pioneer new astrophotography technology with revolutionary features to capture exceptional quality of images of space that will last you a lifetime. Today, ZWO cameras are recognised by every passionate astrophotography and are available in over 25 countries internationally. 

    Product Code: ZWO-EAF-STANDARD

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