ZWO F65RE Focal Reducer for FF65mm Astrograph

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Here is the highly anticipated release of ZWO's latest innovation in astrophotography equipment - the FF65APO 0.75× Full Frame Reducer.

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    This cutting-edge accessory boasts a sophisticated four-element optical design, offering advanced capabilities to enhance your astro-imaging experience.

    The primary highlight of the FF65APO reducer is its impressive reduction factor of 0.75x. When combined with the FF65APO f/6.4 astrograph, this incredible feature results in a shortened focal ratio of f/4.8 and a reduced focal length of 312mm. As a consequence, you gain the advantage of less total integration time while significantly widening your field of view. This wider perspective opens up new possibilities for capturing stunning wide-field deep sky images, providing you with more convenience and greater creative opportunities.

    Maintaining the industry standard, the FF65APO boasts a back focus distance of 55mm, ensuring compatibility with various setups and accessories. To further enhance its versatility, the reducer comes with two thread adapters - M54 and M48 - offering seamless connections to other astrophotography equipment. Moreover, a built-in M48x0.75 2” filter thread simplifies the addition of filters, streamlining your imaging workflow.


    Now, let's explore the straightforward connection steps for integrating the FF65APO 0.75× Full Frame Reducer into your astrophotography setup:

    1. To begin, ensure you have both the FF65APO telescope tube and the focal reducer ready for installation.

    2. Gently unscrew the eyepiece holder situated at the end of the FF65APO telescope tube, making way for the reducer.

    3. Next, take the 0.75X reducer and carefully unscrew its end cap to prepare it for insertion.

    4. With precision, insert the reducer into the focuser of the telescope and securely tighten it in place.

    By following these simple steps, you'll seamlessly incorporate the FF65APO 0.75× Full Frame Reducer into your imaging system, unleashing its incredible capabilities to capture breathtaking celestial vistas like never before.

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