ZWO F80RE Focal Reducer for FF80mm Astrograph

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The ZWO FF80APO 0.76X Full Frame Reducer.

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    The FF80APO 0.76X Full Frame Reducer. This cutting-edge accessory boasts an advanced three-element optical design, with one element crafted from ED glass, ensuring top-notch imaging performance that astrophotography enthusiasts like us crave.

    The primary highlight of the FF80APO reducer is its impressive reduction factor of 0.76x. When paired with the FF80APO f/7.5 astrograph, this incredible feature results in a shortened focal ratio of f/5.7 and a reduced focal length of 312mm. This means you can achieve fantastic wide-field deep sky images with less total integration time, providing unparalleled convenience and creative possibilities for your celestial captures.

    The reducer's rear interface is designed to seamlessly attach to the FF80APO telescope tube's included four-segment camera extension tube, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Additionally, the industry-standard back focus distance of 55mm guarantees compatibility with various setups and equipment, so you can effortlessly integrate this powerful accessory into your astrophotography rig.

    Furthermore, the FF80APO 0.76X Full Frame Reducer features a built-in M48X0.75 2-inch filter thread, making it a breeze to add filters to your imaging setup. This thoughtful inclusion streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning celestial wonders without unnecessary hassles.

    Let's explore the straightforward connection steps to integrate the FF80APO 0.76X Full Frame Reducer into your astrophotography setup:

    1. Begin by preparing both the FF80APO telescope tube and the focal reducer for installation.

    2. Carefully unscrew the four-segment connector located at the end of the FF80APO telescope tube, creating space for the reducer.

    3. Next, unscrew the end cap of the 0.76X reducer and attach it securely to the M68 thread of the four-segment connector. This ensures a stable and reliable connection between the reducer and the telescope.

    4. Now, it's time to insert the reducer into the focuser inner tube with precision. Once inserted, firmly tighten it in place to prevent any unwanted movements during your imaging sessions.

    With these simple steps, you will successfully integrate the FF80APO 0.76X Full Frame Reducer into your astrophotography setup. Prepare to unlock a new level of astrophotographic potential, as this remarkable accessory allows you to capture awe-inspiring celestial vistas with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

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