ZWO Off-Axis Guider -OAG

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    How To Use


    What's in the box: 

    • ZWO Off-Axis Guider (OAG) body
    • 1.25" Holder
    • 5mm Extender 
    • M42 Adapter
    • M48 adapter (for main imaging camera)
    • M48-M42 adapter (for telescope and flat lens)
    • Hexagon wrench

    User Guide:

    1. Calculate the correct required distance for your imaging train 

        Example: You need to attach a 21mm extender to the ASI071 to reach a 55mm back focus distance (This is calculated by 17.5mm + 21mm + 16.5mm = 55mm)


    2. Take off the guider prism part and attach the OAG body to your telescope



    3. Insert the prism part into the OAG body



    4. Mount the guide camera



    5. Screw the T2 or M48 adapter on the imaging camera according to your mount type



    6. Mount the camera on the OAG in the correct position and lock the 3 screws  



    7. The final setup


    * Note: Make sure the prism does not block the imaging area; You would use the guiding screws to adjust the guiding camera's focus, and it is better to do this during the day to ensure both the imaging and guiding cameras can reach focus at the same position

    About ZWO Cameras

    Established in 2011, ZWO Cameras is a fast-growing global astroimaging camera powerhouse based in Suzhou, China. Known for its iconic ZWO ASI 120MM Monochrome CMOS Camera, the first-ever planetary CMOS camera to beat a CCD in the early 2010s, ZWO has  pioneered new astroimaging technology with revolutionary new features, including USB 3,0, cooled systems, ADC and more. Today, ZWO Cameras is known by every passionate astrophotographer and is available in over 25 countries world-wide. 

    Product Code: ZWO-OAG

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